About The Mejorando Group

The Mejorando Group takes its name from a Spanish word meaning “Getting Better All The Time.”  Founded in 2002, the consultants that comprise The Mejorando Group focus on providing fresh thinking, innovation, and new ideas to help government organizations succeed.

A trusted industry leader, The Mejorando Group has partnered with numerous governments across the nation to provide effective solutions in strategic planning, management and leadership development, succession planning, organizational improvement, and much more.  The Mejorando Group’s hands-on and collaborative approach allows for maximized employee and organizational understanding and performance.

As co-founder and partner of the Mejorando Group, Patrick Ibarra is an entrepreneur of ideas who brings over 25 years of experience and in-depth expertise as a consultant and manager in both public and private sector organizations, including as a City Manager. Ibarra is recognized as one of the country’s leading governmental performance and innovation consultants, and is considered an industry expert on government succession planning, designing and implementing organization-wide programs for a number of cities.  Ibarra and his firm have partnered with a number of Alliance members helping them in their efforts to “get better all the time.”


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